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The Occupational Health and Safety Act require employers to assess their responsibility for the health and well-being of their workforce. Other special requirements included in legislation such as the Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Substances (Reg. 1179 of 28 August 1995), have placed the responsibility on employers to provide appropriate occupational health services to their employees.

Occupational health and safety at work is continually evolving, so the need for specialist knowledge and understanding of policy, compliance requirements and strategy for effective implementation becomes critical.

Med Check can help you with the following:

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    Relevant legislation

    Med Check assists your company in complying with all relevant legislation.

  • Reducing absenteeism

    We help to reduce absenteeism by keeping workers healthy.

  • Reducing man-hours lost

    Reduces man-hours lost due to job related illness or injury.

  • Health awareness

    Enhancing health awareness across the workforce.

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    We help enable companies to focus on their core business, while Med Check takes care of their workers wellness.